Can you show me a list of the appliances you used in your tiny house?

Sure! I have single burner gas stove –

12 Gallon 2 way hot water heater

Edge star refeg


How about a quick timeline story for everything?

You got it:

2011 skdfjsd

2011 adlsfjdsl

How about a quick price line story for everything?

Ya, I am still adding it up, here is what I have so far:

$3000 –– xxxx

Is this a Tumbleweed House?

Yes. I purchased Tumbleweed Fencel plan, but I have mo


Changes made on outside:

  1. I made flat roof front instead of gable roof to accommodate cat patio.
  2. I changed the little gossip window to cat door.
  3. I have added a openable skylight and a not openable one.
  4. I changed to roof pitch from 45 degree to more like 35 degree to have taller side walls.

Changes made in inside:

  1. Added a second bedroom downstair.
  2. All my windows are different size and at different position.
  3. Changed kitchen counter layout.
  4. Book shelf and closet are different.
  5. Made permanent stairs to loft instead of ladder.


What are your windows?

The tiny house have 9 windows and 2 skylights. I ordered Anderson window from HomeDepot. They are double … vinyl windows…