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  • I need a safe resting/hangout station for my squirrel friend.
  • This station must have a view to outside, but not be seen by Hawkes and Eagles around here.
  • Not spend money as much as possible.


Pull out my "Light Art Dumpster Stock" of course 😀 I bend one clear acrylic to 90 degrees, then added a tube there. Inside the tube is her favorite carpet so she can feel familiar with immediately.

For $3 I bought that basket at Goodwill, and I leave food inside for her during the day. She enjoys that station until other squirrel found out about the food. I stop putting food in there and start training my Squeaky use my Kitty door on the roof deck. Only took her half day to learn it and now she use Kitty door coming in and out anytime she likes. You can see the video under the "Kitty Shelf".