Backyard Cottage Company
Daniel Hurne

License # INTEGEL867C5
Phone: 425-770-4606

Hillary's Tiny House May 2018:

Daniel started with an exterior shell. The loft framing was the only interior work done. Plumbing, electrical, spray foam insulation, radiant floor heat, interior paneling and trim, cabinetry, lighting, kitchen and bath finishes, doors and an Ikea hack couch/bed with storage. This build has been certified by NOAH

  • Custom made the small front door.
  • Custom made a charcoal bathroom door for bathroom per Hillary's request, so the door has a dual function as a charcoal board to write ideas on.
  • Custom made the ladder, He choose teal wood for its strength and beauteous wood Texture.

Shipping Container House August 2018:

A full kitchen and bath with a barrier-free shower, a large amount of storage with a custom murphy bed and storage couch, radiant floor heat with a mini-split option, tankless water heat, insulated to residential code and full-height glass doors for an amazing view...