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Short Story:

Park Model Tiny House means the width is wider than a normal tiny house. A normal tiny house is 8' wide, Park model is greater than 8', less than 12'.  This Tiny House is built on 10' wide trailer, very spacey inside you tell by how many people fit in there.

Key features:

 Claudia is an artist who has money wants to build a nice retirement tiny house for her self. 

  • Acrylic loft floor to allow natural light coming from skylight to kitchen.
  • Loft floor with built-in RGB led lights for mode and dime for the night light. Switch controlled by cell phone.
  • Custom blew glass bowl $1200 for bathroom,
  • 3form Varia Eco-Resin panels for bathroom
  • Kitchen counter top - 7 layers paper board. Cost $1400 + $1500 install.
  • Kimberly wood stove from Unforgettable Fire LLC:
  • Openable Skylight
  • Drawer dishwasher
  • Wash/dry combo,
  • Big refrigerator,
  • Lots of storage,
  • Pull out couch sofa bed plus 2 lofts designed for 5 people sleepover.
  • Dual function stars and cabinets under
  • One giant open room with real stars on the side.

Long Story:

Claudia and I met at my Meetup open house. After knowing each other little more and work on built her first stairs (in small project stairs 2), she wants me to build her tiny house. At that time, I love my Light Art job too much don't have time to build it. End up I am hired for design. Claudia has money, she paid me well and nothing can stop us from any design ideas or material cost as long as she likes it. There was lot of fun and crazy ideas been thrown into the air. Some of them not been used for practical and timeline reason, however, it was exciting for the rooms allowed in design.

For example, let's make glowing pebbles for the bathroom floor, make the background black so blueing will stand out. Lets put a Japanese soaking tub in the wet bath, be soaked in the water enjoy the pebbles glows.

Claudia said she hates the feeling when visit tiny house, kitchen under the loft always dark. I said we can make acrylic for loft floor and side lite so the whole left/ceiling is continuous RGB color or stay in one color depends on the mood. Day time nature light will come through to the kitchen. And we did.