Tiny Cabin Off-Grid

From This  -->  To This


From This  -->  To This


I like to express my deep gratitude to the people list below. Without your help, I can not make it to this far (Ordered by the timeline in the project):

  • Dennis Lee  (ex-neighbor) - Dennis is my mentor of the project, who got me started and supported me along the way for technical and my mental stability. I had a breakdown at the beginning and Dennis knows how to put me right back at where I need to be. Work like magic.
  • Dayn (Bobcat operator) - Don't know his last name, a great man, so resourceful, dependable and helpful! Created a flat site for me to build on. We became friends, at least I would hope so.
  • Daniel Hurne (my landlord) - Without Daniel, my walls are still laying down. He stands up my walls and put a roof beam on all by himself. Working for me at 14 degrees with no complaint. Daniel also is my go-to guy for ideas, problems, and tech always.
  • Cameron Ownbey (exb & bff) - Helped remove snow. Help bring my wood stove over. To get off it from the truck move into the cabin was hardest. He said, "I know you want to help, but please get out my way." One of the strongest man I know.
  • Ruth Family (ex-neighbor)- For giving me love always. Love make things go around!
  • Dan Hansen (Dennis's friend)
  • George Aar
  • Chad Israel