After Chica Mom chicken passed away in 2018, Maple Leaf is lonely and scared all the time. She wants to stay inside of my tiny house all the time. I take her with me every weekend when I going out of town. I allow her to stay inside where she feels claim and safe. She has been put on her best behavior after all not making any crazy move inside the house. She usually picks a spot and set there. I always leave pic napkin behind her rarend, when one pop made out, I will throw that pic napkin away.

Then one day a squirrel named Squeaky moved in too. Maple Leaf do not like Squeaky out joulous, when two of them get close, there are chase and run then stuff get knoked out, father and dirt are flying. After this, I decide Chicken needs to move out. However, I can't send her 40' away to her Chicken Tiny House where she feels lonely. I need to build a room that she can see every part and movement inside of my tiny house, that way she feels she is included. First I thought about mounting on the office window, but she can only see the office and living room. If I keep on the deck, she can see everything, loft, office, living room, backyard and day coop.


  • One room with a large view to the inside space of my tiny house.
  • No windows, a closed box style her feel safe to sleep.
  • Rise up to the hight to the window. On wheels so can turn her view to the yard or sun if need to.
  • Try to spend less money and use the materias I already have.


I had to buy four wheels caster wheels with locks and a metal wire deck for floor. Rest used recycle. Unsed awesome Light Art dumpester stock - clear acrlicy for the view. She usually falling sleep while keeping eyes inside, still wants to come in. But at least I feel better when I can see her at the window.

When both of them want to stay inside of the tiny house, I have to make one go out...