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Me and my tiny house moved to a new backyard, new landlord is perpetually not like cluttered. Appearance and nice quality are important to him. I need to build a new chicken coop that fit his standard.

  • Pretty.
  • Fit on top of raised bed planter, so the cooper can rotate from the five existing planters. Use the dropping as fertilizer.


It's pretty without fail every time, every season looking at it. However, the rotating part seems a big hassle, and that spot stays shady in the hot summer day, end up my Landlord kindly let chicken stay in that same spot. Happy Ending!

In the Making of it:

From the very beginning, I knew what I use for a roof - my favorite dumpster diving piece material from Light Art. They use those type material made this few of this light. The texture is slightly different, but the color is even prettier green. A downside is the chicken coop couldn't be any bigger because is restricked by the roof.